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Peaceful worship with hymns and Bible talk


Each fortnight at 11am on it's own special YouTube Channel, with a Zoom chat afterwards. The next dates are 28th October, 11th November and 25th November, then every 2 weeks.

Here is Helen Scamman telling us about Worship on Wednesday.

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To watch the service from 11am, or later if you weren't able to catch it at 11am go to the special Youtube Channel.  

To join the Zoom chat use this link Worship on Wednesday after service chat which will be from 11.45am after the service for about half an hour. Remember, if you watch the service later than 11am you won't be able to join in the zoom chat.

If you haven't joined us for our first Worship on Wednesday Service you can watch it here
Remembrance Day Presentation including a couple of fun war time songs followed by a drama by Searchlight Theatre called ‘Woodbine Willie’ based on the WW1 diaries of Geoffrey Studdert-Kennedy, who was a chaplain in the trenches, with reflections by Jeff Lucas. Then there are a couple of hymns and finally an absolutely stunning performance of ‘Bring Him Home’ from ‘Les Miserables’ by Jonathan Veira.