Vision and Values 

Sharing God’s love
from the heart
of the city 

There are two powerful Biblical images which shape the life of our church, and give us a picture of what it looks like to share God’s love from the heart of the city:  
River of Life 

The prophet Ezekiel had a vision of a river flowing from the Temple to the Dead Sea.  It was a river which flowed from the place of worship to the farthest and lowest point, bringing God’s life, healing, and fruitfulness to the world: ‘Everything will live where the river goes’ (Ezekiel 47.1-12)
Salt and Light

Jesus said his followers were to be both the salt of the earth – scattered throughout society, creating a thirst for God; and also the light of the world - a city gathered on a hill which cannot be hidden, lighting the way to God (Matthew 5:13-16).
By 2020, we want St Thomas’ to bring those pictures to life in our city.  We want to be known as a church:
  • Where people are passionate worshippers of God, devoted to a life of worship and prayer, applying the Bible to our daily lives, responding to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and growing ever more excited about Jesus,
  • Where people are deeply committed followers of Christ, actively supporting, equipping, encouraging, and caring for one another as we live distinctive and holy Christian lives, and
  • Where people love our city: where we follow Christ out of the building to serve the needs of our community, and where people are awakened one by one to God’s love and purposes for their lives and come to a living faith in God, many for the first time.

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ABCDE – Our 5 Core Values

Here at St Thomas’ Church we have 5 Core Values.  We believe each one is an essential mark of healthy Christian living, and that all five should be expressed in all of our gatherings, whether they are small groups or large congregations: 
  • From the youngest to the oldest
  • In discovering and developing the gifts God has given us,
  • In giving as much as we receive, 
  • In developing a servant culture, and
  • In being bold in risk-taking, gracious in failure, and so finding God’s strength in our weakness.
Becoming Disciples: 
  • From the cradle to the grave, becoming whole-hearted, life-long followers of Jesus;
  • Centred on Biblical revelation which we apply practically and personally;
  • Bearing more and more fruit as we grow in Christ.
Creating Community that is
  • Inclusive in its welcome, yet profoundly transforming, 
  • Looking outwards as well as inwards,
  • Relaxed and informal, 
  • Affirming and empowering,
  • Creative and open to the Spirit,
  • Supportive and safe,
  • United yet diverse.
Doing Evangelism 
  • Which is expressed in both word and action,
  • Which seeks to bless and serve those outside the church,
  • Which is marked by grace and truth,
  • Which gives a reason for the hope that we have, but with gentleness and respect, and 
  • Where we live as salt and light so that others may come to know and follow Christ for themselves.
Encountering God, through
  • The power of Word and Spirit,
  • Worship and community,
  • Prophecy and prayer,
  • Confession and intercession,
  • Waiting and watching,
  • Receiving and serving,
  • Blessing and sacrifice,
  • Joy and sorrow,
  • Openness and expectancy.