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Whole Church Documents

Our vision Vision 2020
Getting Connected - A handy guide to everything that’s going on at St Tees.
How to Start a new Group
Church Calendar January to April 2020
Kitchen Handbook - Required reading if you use the Church kitchen
Expenses Claim Form - For volunteers to claim expenses

This year's Mission Support Calendar

Application for Support for Short term Mission

Church Policies

Data Protection Policy. 

Church of England Parish Safeguarding Handbook
St Thomas' Local Safeguarding Practises 

Privacy Notice


Electoral Roll 

Our Electoral Roll is the official membership list for this church; by being on it we declare our commitment to St Thomas’s life and worship. If you wish to be on the Electoral Roll and aren’t already, download and complete an Electoral Roll Application Form, or collect one from Church and sent it to the Church Office.

APCM Reports for 2019 issued in 2020

Main Report and Accounts
Appendix to the Report - Report of Activities 2019