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The aim of this group is that we provide a coordinated response from within St Thomas in relation to supporting Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the Lancaster and Morecambe district. We aim to work alongside the key groups that already work with asylum seekers in Lancaster and Morecambe District (we have about 104 asylum seekers at present and are looking to welcome about 300 in total over the next couple of years).

The key groups are

  • City of Sanctuary
  • LMARS; they welcome and support asylum seekers that come to our district 
  • Global Link which provides support and a drop-in session on Tuesdays at the YMCA building near the bus-station in Lancaster
  • East meets West a cross-cultural group of women that provides a drop-in session for women and young families on Thursday at the Baptist Church near Dalton Square

Download a Summary of ways to get involved in supporting asylum seekers and refugees in Lancaster and Morecambe district.

As a step towards this and also building on the Lenten studies which have focused on asylum seekers and our Christian response, we had an information sharing evening at St Thomas church  on Wednesday 10th of May 2017. The evening  included discussions with speakers who represent different perspectives amongst the key groups that work on this issue in Lancaster and Morecambe. Listen to a recording of the speakers (except the first one) here and download the first speakers comments 
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