Heart of the City Project

At St Thomas' Church, Lancaster, we are looking to repair the current church building and replace our existing church centre with a modern, highly efficient and highly flexible number of spaces for use by the church family but also by the local community.

Lancaster University Grant

We are delighted to announce that we have received £5,000 from the Lancaster University Wind Turbine Community Benefits Fund. We shall be using this grant towards the solar panels which will be installed on the roof of our new centre. We are most grateful to the university for their donation.  
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Lancaster Guardian
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  Our project was reported on in the Lancaster Guardian. Click on the image to read about it!



To see the brochure which gives more details of the project, please click on the image of the new church centre:

If you are still considering making a pledge or donation, then this brief guide from Richard, our Treasurer, will tell you how to respond. Please click here.

For an updated pledge form, please click here (pdf file) or here (word document for screen input).

For a Standing Order mandate, please click here (pdf file) or here (word document for screen input).

If you have any questions about giving, or wish to return a pledge form electronically, please contact Richard on his dedicated treasurer email address: treasurer@st.tees.org.uk
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Watch our short film about the Heart of the City Project:



A huge thank you to Jim Cooke who produced this for us.

The latest plans and visuals

Thanks so much for your interest in our building plans, and we are grateful for your support and prayers. Here are the architect's 2019 visuals and plans of our new building.

Visual 1   Visual 2
Visual 3    

Ground floor - click on the image for a larger scale view   First floor - click on the image for a larger scale view
Ground floor plan   First floor plan
Second floor - click on the image for a larger scale view  
Second floor plan    



Interested in starting a fundraising initiative?

You can download several templates for your fun fundraising event including:

Use these templates to advertise your event and to help raise funds.


Want to let your donors give money online?

We have set up a Heart of the City account on www.give.net. You can set up a personal giving page on www.give.net by following the instructions in this link: Instructions for setting up a giving page. Why not have a look at the Staff team's give.net page, to see how your own page might look?  


Please do share your ideas with us, and let us know if you are running an event and would like help advertising that. Have you checked out our Facebook page yet? This is where we will be sharing photos and write-ups of any fundraising events that have already taken place and we will also advertise future events here. You can also message us directly via the Facebook page if you have any questions about fund-raising. 

Please continue to pray for this project and give thanks for those who are giving their time and effort to fundraising in the community.


Progress updates for the Heart of the City Project

HOTC update slide for Jan 2020

Read our latest update on progress with the Heart of the City Project here: January Newsletter