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Getting Connected

A handy guide to everything that’s going on at St Tees,  Getting Connected

Salt and Light

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK. Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. (Paulo Freire – Brazilian educationalist). Truth and Lies

Money Course

CAP Money Course; 1st December, at 7.30pm in the upstairs lounge of the Church centre. Register here

Or contact the church office.

Web Site Changes

The Sermons page and the Weekly bulletin page are under the heading "What we have done" on the left.

The Children, Youth and Groups pages are under "What we do" on the left

and STT'sCycle is on the Groups page St T's Cycle

Light Explosion

Messy Church

Messy Church Logo

The next Messy Church date is the 21st October.

Home Groups

A homegroup on a walk

Small groups / Home Groups are a key part of St Thomas's community.

If you are not in a Home Group, and would be keen on joining one, please contact the church office.

Prayer Ministry

As a church, we offer prayer ministry after every main service, in the prayer ministry area at the back right corner of the main church building.  If you would like prayer for anything at all, please don’t hesitate to go over to the prayer ministry corner, and ask a member of the prayer ministry team to pray with you.

Stories to Live by

Welcome to St Thomas's Church

St Thomas's is an encouraging community of Christians in Lancaster. We welcome enquirers and people who are just looking. We also respect the fact that not everyone may wish to stay, but we hope you will.

Our longing is to know Jesus Christ better, to see his kingdom reign and to see growth both here and in the links we have with other churches locally and overseas.

st t's welcomes studentsA warm welcome to any new students arriving in Lancaster in the next few weeks! We look forward to getting to know you. For more information about our student ministry check out the student page 

Events Coming Up

For more details about anything mentioned below, and for other events and Church news read this weeks Church Bulletin, This week's Bulletin  and here are a list of this month's services

St Thomas's News Items


Light Explosion 2014

St Thomas’s are having a party, and you’re invited! It’s for primary school children in Reception - Year 6 on Friday 31st October, 4-6:30pm (or 8:15pm for Y4-6). Click here for more information and a booking form.

Community Call

Wednesday 26th November Another opportunity to meet with people from other churches who live in your local area to pray for the needs of our local areas and the HOPE Churches Together Christmas events happening in the town centre during December. Further information on venues for Community Call will be coming soon.